By Giuseppe Toscano – Italian version published on INDUSTRIACOMO N. 8 January 2016

Since quite some time we hear saying that “we are out of the crisis”. And it’s clear that quite some indicators, as well as the sentiment of many of us, seems to confirm this statement.



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Q4M was borne, in the mind of Giuseppe Toscano, quite some years before; but it was actually started only in February 2008 when the life presented the conditions to translate this idea into a real business.

Giuseppe Toscano (go to his CV) starts working in 1982 when, after having achieved a Degree in Nuclear Engineer at the University La Sapienza in Rome, he is hired by Texas Instruments in Cittaducale (Rieti).

Here, since the very beginning, he is addressed toward Quality; and he will continue to operate in the Quality arena for all his carrier. Having the opportunity to deeply analyze and learn all its different aspects and to appreciate the huge impact that, if properly implemented, Quality may have on the overall business results.

The Quality that is here being referred to, is not (only) the one intended to guarantee the conformity of the products or of the services to the requirements, but the Total Quality; also known as “the vertical dimension of Quality”; the Quality that, operating in all the aspects of the business, is really able to deeply change it.

The name Quality for Management  is just intended to summarize this concept: Quality as management tool for a winning business.The experience in Texas Instruments continued for 8 years, one of which spent in USA; and it was absolutely crucial to form the necessary bases on which his management carrier could develop and grow.

He worked in all the different areas of Quality: Incoming, Outgoing, Supplier management, Supplier selection and approval, Reliability laboratories, Process control, Failure Analysis and more; finally he took the position of European Quality Manager for the Consumer Division. In the States (1989) he concentrates his efforts in the studies of the Total Quality, getting in touch with the companies most advanced in this field.

Then he left TI to join  Eldor, a private company located in Como area with a strong tendency to the international growth. In spite of its limited size, around 200 employee when he joined it, Eldor gave him the opportunity to put in place the true Total Quality, involving all the aspects of the business. This different experience was, in some extent, complementary to the previous one; moving from the typical multinational to a medium size private company, strongly characterized by the presence of the owner, he was exposed to very different problems and conditions that have enriched and completed his professional path. He worked with Eldor 12 years.When Pulse, another American multinational company, acquired a division of Eldor he passed to work with them.  With Pulse he worked for more than 5 years, consolidating the strong international profile of his experience. 

Through all those years, while managing the different positions to which he was assigned, he came in contact with many different consultants; very often really young. These experiences have developed the strong idea that the Consultancy has got to be the arrival point of a carrier and not its beginning. In order to offer a really impacting service, the consultant needs to have the longest experience and the largest professional knowledge.

Only who combines a very good technical knowledge with the long time spent struggling with the daily difficulties associated with their implementation, can be able to deliver  a solid added value to whom already knows very well is own job. From these observations, he started to grow the idea that one day he would have wished to be a consultant; but only when he would have had something really important to share.

Q4M was generated from this mental path in February 2008; which means after having worked for 26 years, 17 of which  dedicated to different management positions.

26 years during which he has got the opportunity to be exposed to a large number of reach and diversified experiences: deeply knowing the word of large multinational companies as well as the one of Italian private companies, he early learned to deal with owners and top managers; he worked and managed resources in a large part of the world: from China to Turkey; from United States to Finland; form Germany to Tunisia; from Japan to Slovak. He worked in closed contact with Customers and Suppliers.

Only at the end of this path he felt ready to share what he had learned with whom will be interested to do it. The pages dedicated to provide more details about the three management segments in which Q4M is convinced to be able to offer a real added value to the Customers with whom will have the pleasure to cooperate [Business Competence; Quality Competence; HR Competence], provide a large but still incomplete range of proposals, in terms of contents as well as of recipients.

Q4M can in fact be the ideal partner for manufacturing or service companies; for growing or restructuring companies; for companies that are delocalizing or that are locally consolidating their business. Offering flexible solutions that can be fully customized to the specific needs and conditions. Close to the Customer everywhere in the world.