Quality for Management

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Giuseppe Toscano Quality for Management Q4MQ4M - Quality For Management, is an entrepreneurial initiative in the Management consulting area, realized by Giuseppe Toscano. In order to offer a really impacting service, the consultant needs to have the longest experience and the largest professional knowledge. Only who combines a very good technical knowledge with the long time spent struggling with the daily difficulties associated with their implementation, can be able to deliver  a solid added value to whom already knows very well is own job.

This is the main concept at the base of Q4M project!

Q4M borne at the end of the long and differentiated carrier of Giuseppe Toscano, who worked in various companies for 26 years, 17 of which in management positions (go to his CV).

His cultural background is the Total Quality, also known as “the vertical dimension of Quality”; the Quality that, operating in all the aspects of the business, is really able to deeply change it.

The company name Quality for Management  is just intended to summarize this concept: Quality as management tool for a winning business.

While we was responsible of the many different management positions to which he was assigned, Giuseppe Toscano got the opportunity to be exposed to a large number of reach and diversified experiences: deeply knowing the word of large multinational companies as well as the one of Italian private companies, he early learned to deal with owners and top managers; he worked and managed resources in a large part of the world: from China to Turkey; from United States to Finland; form Germany to Tunisia; from Japan to Slovak. He worked in close contact with Customers and Suppliers.

Starting from this life experience, Q4M can be the ideal partner for manufacturing or service companies; for growing or restructuring companies; for companies that are delocalizing or that are locally consolidating their business. Offering flexible solutions that can be fully customized to the specific needs and conditions. Close to the Customer everywhere in the world.