By Giuseppe Toscano – Italian version published on INDUSTRIACOMO N. 8 January 2016

Since quite some time we hear saying that “we are out of the crisis”. And it’s clear that quite some indicators, as well as the sentiment of many of us, seems to confirm this statement.



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Giuseppe Toscano

Personal Information

Married; 1 daughter (34) and 1 son (30).

Born in  Messina (Italy) March 24th, 1956

Resident in Como (Italy)


1980 Università degli Studi “La Sapienza” Roma

Degree in Nuclear Engineering (110/110 cum Lode)

Military Service

Reserve Officer at “Centro Tecnico del Genio Militare” - Rome October 1980 – February 1982

Main skills and competence

  • Global management of complex projects.
  • Definition and implementation of business strategies linked to market conditions (growing; stable; squeezing) with special attention to Make or Buy trade-off analysis finalized to support outsourcing projects.
  • Specific experience in managing relationships with Chinese companies.
  • Solid background in Total Quality, intended as business management methodologies applied to increase the overall sustainable competitiveness.
  • Specific experience, developed both in Italy and abroad, in the Automotive business; with key attention to the application of ISO TS 16949 and IATF 16949 standard.
  • Successful working experiences in International multinational companies and medium Italian companies privately owned. Well knowledgeable about both structures, is able to properly deal with the most specific aspects.
  • Has directly managed people of different nationalities in four continents, from Finnish to Turkish, from Slovaks to Japanese, from Tunisian to German, from Chinese to US Americans, from Brazilians to English, developing an understanding and deep respect of cultural differences, still combined with a strong leadership and decision making attitude.
  • Large experience of international business management (US, China, Japan, Europe, Turkey), dealing with top level people.
  • English very fluent  



Oct 2013

Various clients

Quality management consulting

Back to the consultancy activity, provided through his own company Q4M (
The proposed consultancy model, that is again the Management part time, quickly proves to match the market needs and be very much appreciated.

8 key Projects have been/are being carried out in these years:

  • For Irce s.p.a. - Italian company, quoted on the Italian stock market: re-design of the process related to customer claim management, from claim receiving to complete and exhaustive customer report (8D).
  • For Omab s.r.l. - Italian company working in metal parts stamping: System Quality development, in order to achieve the ISO TS 16949 certification (achieved). The system was then improved in accordance with the new standard IATF 16949 and related certification acquired.
  • For the Italian site of Standex Engraving Group, an American multinational company active in the automotive business and world leader in its segment: total re-organization, to enjoy better Ebit; changed the operators shift organization; hired new employees; introduced standard working time; introduced a specifically developed software for production planning; and so forth.
  • For Beretta s.r.l. - Italian company manufacturing mechanical parts, already ISO TS 16949 certified:
    • A first project was oriented to improve the overall efficiency; activity focused on organization and processes; in the first area employees’ assignments and responsibilities have been deeply analyzed and revised, via job descriptions and skills required Vs assessments. Processes wise, the improvements came from manufacturing flow and internal procedures optimization.
    • A second project started after the acquisition of a manufacturing plant in Tunisia: the Quality System of the company was redesigned to incorporate the Tunisian plant, according to the Corporate Schematic, and to bring it in compliance with the new IATF 16949 standard and related certification acquired.
  • For Faiveley Transport Italia S.p.a.- multinational company, nbr.2 in the world for trains brake production: one electromagnetic component was giving reliability problem. The activity was conducted in tight cooperation with the component supplier.
  • For Berta s.r.l. – Italian company manufacturing mechanical parts, mainly by robotized lathes:
    • Review and improve the existing Quality Management System to be certified according to IATF 16949 standard (certification achieved). The project is still running, in terms of Continuous Improvement.
  • For Eon – Italian medium company operating in software consultancy: organization structure review targeted to efficiency and competitivity improvement


Giu 2012

Eldor Corporation - Orsenigo Como

Quality Vice President

In June  2012 accepts the position of  Quality Vice President in Eldor Corporation (, Italian multinational company, world leader in development and manufacturing of injection bobbins for Automotive industries.
He takes over the responsibility of the new department in which all the Quality, Safety and Environmental related activities are concentrated; both the ones related to the HQ as well as the ones related to the manufacturing plants already active (Italy, Turkey and China) and in start-up (Brazil).
The department includes the following groups:
-    System Quality
-    Safety & Environment
-    Design Quality
-    Supplier Quality
-    Customer Quality
-    Reliability Laboratories
-    Plant Quality Assurance (4 plants)
Leaves the company in Sep 2013, after having accomplished important targets, including: increased level of customer satisfaction; very low ppm failure rate at customer side; Brazilian team set up; China plant approval by key customers.


Apr 2009 – May 2012 

Various companies

Quality management consulting

After the experience in Pulse, he is focused on consultancy activities, mainly directed to middle size companies. The proposed approach is the Management part time, according to which he can develop medium-long size improvement projects, typically one or two years, during which he works with each customer for one or two days a week.
This solution is very well received: it provides a balanced solution to a need of many companies: take advantage of high level management competences without absorbing the costs that would be associated with the full time employment of such professionals.   
He cooperates with different companies, in Italy and abroad, mainly but not exclusively in the Automotive business.
The developed projects are under the umbrella of Total Quality, intended in the widest sense: they range from the Organizational structure to manufacturing efficiency improvement; from Supply Chain management to equipment maintenance optimization; from products cost analysis to personnel development plans; and so forth.


Feb 2008 – Mar 2009

Pulse – Automotive Division   Herrenberg/ Meinerzhagen – Germany

Quality Director Automotive Division

In February 2008 he reaches a consultant agreement with the Automotive Division of Pulse. The contract is valid for 12 months and the objective is to re-organize the Quality Dept, increasing its effectiveness and efficiency. He is included in the Org chart of the Division as Quality Director and runs the job full time.  

The Division, located in Germany, is divided in 2 business groups: “Ignition coils” (at Meinerzhagen)  and “Auto coils” (at Herrenberg). The assigned position is related to both the plants, as well as to the factories located in China.The department is initially re-organized, working on the org chart, on employees motivation, on the operational procedures and, mostly, providing a strong leadership that had been missed before. The Dept. Performance Indicators (KPI) quickly show major improvements; specifically, the degree of Customers Satisfaction grows very significantly. Also the level of business control is much higher; which allows to quickly and effectively provide data and analysis, upon top management request.Meanwhile some important manufacturing lines are transferred from Germany to China; and Quality owns a crucial role in preparing the Chinese factory: by internal Quality Audits and follow up on the consequent improvement action plans; performing Quality Audits to the Chinese suppliers that have to be started up to localize the source of key raw materials; participating to the Customers Quality Audits and following up the timely implementation of the related improvement action plans. All these activities are managed in parallel with the normal business, which implies contacts with Customers, monitoring the Quality performance of the European suppliers, the control of the manufacturing activities still in Germany and the management of the warranty returns.

Moving toward the end of the fixed period, it has been agreed to close the project at March 2009. The initial objective is completely achieved:

  • The Quality department is now well organized and much more efficient;
  • All the performance indicators show a positive trend;
  • The employees are motivated;
  • The external as well the internal Customers are satisfied.
  • Results achieved with no increase of personnel or other investments.            



Pulse – Automotive Division

Bizerte - Tunisia  Project Manager

After the experience with the Consumer Division, he is requested to take care of a critical situation in the Tunisian factory of the Automotive Division: one production line, fully dedicated to an important customer for whom Pulse was sole source, is not able to guarantee the committed output; with the result that the customer is very much unsatisfied and the relationships highly deteriorated; on top of the production costs, that are out of control.

He is asked to solve the problem, with a large degree of freedom.

Various actions are started from a systematic and detailed analysis of the line rejects; the related corrective actions include: employees motivation and training; equipment’s maintenance; quality improvements for the incoming materials; final test methods and criteria review. Then reviews and optimizes the line lay-out, the materials flow and the balance of the operators’ tasks on the base of a Kaizen event organized on the line. The results are excellent: within few months the output of the line pass from 12K to 17Kpcs/Wk, thanks to a drastic yield increase (from 70% to 90%) combined with a better hourly productivity.

All the above with almost no investment and no cost increase.Meanwhile all the activities performed, as well as  the intermediate results achieved,  have been regularly shared with the customer. The outcome is a renewed strong confidence that will continue over time, with positive effect on the partnership with the customer.


2003 - 2006

Pulse – Consumer Division - Senna Comasco - Como

Technical  Director

Pulse is a multinational company operating in the Magnetic components business ( and is part of Technitrol (, a public company quoted on NYSE as TNL. In the beginning of 2003 Pulse acquired from Eldor Corporation (see below) the Consumer Division, that became Pulse Consumer Division, with headquarter based in Senna Comasco (Como) - Italy.

Reporting to the Consumer Division Managing Director (and Pulse VP), the position implies the management of R&D dept and Quality dept. R&D is divided in 3 regional centers, in Italy, in Turkey (recently closed down) and in China. R&D activities cover: new products development, their internal and external approval (customers and Test Houses), process development and launch in production. Quality Dept includes: Product Quality, with suppliers approval, material and products approval, Design QA, and customers support; and System Quality, integrated with Safety and Environment. Operates in tight contact with the Factories Quality organizations, providing operative support and owning the final responsibility for potentially critical decisions.   The directions taken in the last few years have been dictated by the evolution of the TV market, where the traditional products, CRT TV sets, are rapidly being replaced by LCD and Plasma TV sets. This situation has directly impacted the key components produced by Pulse Consumer division: the flyback transformers, one-to-one linked to the utilization of the CRT. The following strategy has therefore been defined and executed:

  • To protect and maximize as much as much as possible the existing traditional business;
  • to develop a new range of magnetic components for the new TV sets generation (LCD and Plasma);
  • to pursue other opportunities in different market segments, developing dedicated products, still compatible with our consolidated know-how;
  • to confirm the technological leadership already achieved with the previous products;
  • to do this combining the required cost competitiveness with the required Quality standards.

This last aspect, in combination with a sharp and rapid prices erosion, has resulted into the decision to identify and develop adequate subcontractors in China to manufacture significant share of production. The management of this activity, including the commercial aspect of the relationships, is being carried out as well.

In the last months, due to the unavoidable compression of the generated turn over, a significant downsizing of the Italian structure has been decided by the headquarter in US. He has completed the task on-time, preventing the generation of conflicts.

Due to the new organizational structure, his responsibilities have been enlarged to include products prices definition and the related sales strategies. This means that he has got the control of the entire cycle of the business: from production costs to sales prices, passing through the definition of products characteristics (R&D) and Quality standards (QA).  

At the end of 2006 Pulse decides to close down the Consumer Division due to the continuous reduction of the available market and the consequent large margin reduction.


Eldor Corporation Orsenigo - Como

Corporate Quality Director

The position reports directly to the President, in an organization structured on three levels: Corporate, 2 Business Units (Consumer and Automotive) and Manufacturing Plants (1 in Italy and 3 abroad).

Directly responsible for all Quality activities carried out at Corporate level and functionally responsible of the BU QA Mgr (2) and the Plant QA Mgr (4).

The Mission of the function is to maximize the Quality perceived by the Customers in global terms and therefore, ultimately, to maximize Customer Satisfaction. To achieve this target frequent contacts with the customers have to take place; in parallel many supporting activities have to be carried out inside the company. Among others:

  • Corporate Quality System management and continuous improvement;
  • Quality procedures in each plant harmonized with the Corporate in terms of System as well as of methodologies;
  • Suppliers Qualification, Vendor Quality Rating and Continuous Supplier Performance improvement;
  • Corporate Performance Indicators Vs targets monitor and follow up;
  • improvement action plans definition and implementation.

Eldor Total Quality Program, started up in 1991, was focused since the beginning on a capillary diffusion of the cultural aspects of Quality throughout all the company: Customer Satisfaction, extended also to the Internal Customers, has always been the cornerstone around which this effort has operated. On this solid basement a Quality System, strictly integrated in the company daily activities, has been progressively developed and it is today perceived by the employees has a powerful tool to support and improve everybody’s performances. This approach has highly contributed to achieve a recognized Quality Leadership in the market, that allowed Eldor to enjoy a consistent turn over growth rate higher than 20% average per year in the last decade: from 35 Billion ITL (’90) to 250 (2000).

Eldor Quality System has then evolved toward an Integrate Quality System (Quality – Safety – Environment) organized by process; it is made of a common Corporate section and two operative sections, separated by Division, to reflect the different requirements of Consumer and Automotive business. By doing so the following split certifications, ISO9001:2000 for Consumer and TS 16949 for Automotive, have been properly prepared.


1988 – 1990

Texas Instruments Italia-SC Div.       Avezzano – L’Aquila

Total Quality Manager

The position reports to the Managing Director of the first Front-end that the Semiconductor Division of Texas Instruments started up in Italy to localize in Europe the fabrication of MOS Memories.

In preparation of the new position he spends almost one year in the Sates with a double assignment: to manage and co-ordinate 75 new hired engineers, sent to Texas for training in a front-end similar to the one coming up in Italy; to upgrade his Total Quality Management & Customer Satisfaction knowledge, attending to seminars, visiting US companies selected among the recognized Quality leaders, reviewing the TQM methodologies actually implemented in different TI plants in the States as well as in Japan and Singapore.

Back to the Italian front-end various TQM projects are started up; they are mainly focused toward two targets: develop and consolidate a strong Quality Culture & Customer Satisfaction attitude, referred to both internal and external customers; implement Management techniques able to combine People Involvement & Motivation with high performances.

1986 - 1988

Texas Instruments Italia-Consumer Div.       Cittàducale - Rieti

European Quality Manager – Consumer Division

The position reports to the Italian Operations Manager and is responsible for the whole Quality and Reliability Assurance Dept (40 employees).

New positions are started up within the QRA to cover the entire life cycle of the products: Design Quality Assurance; Supplier Quality Assurance and Field Engineer.

The concept of Quality evolves from Quality Assurance toward Total Quality.

This approach contributes to the successes of the company till the point that, when the Mother House, based in Dallas-TX, decides that one among the Italian plant and the similar one in Texas has to be shut down to rationalize the production, the very though comparison ends up in favor of the Italian plant: the Texan factory is closed down and all the production is concentrated in Italy.


1982 – 1986           

Texas Instruments Italia-Consumer Div.        Cittàducale – Rieti

Technical Engineer

Different positions, with growing accountability, within the Quality and Reliability Assurance Dept.

Feasibility study (based on a dedicated P&L) and, after approval, implementation of a centralized Service structure for the “Home Computer”.The operational responsibility is maintained for about one year.

Technical Support to the TI organizations in the European countries for the “Home Computer” repairing actions.